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Avakin Life

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Quitting Avakin Life

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This tutorial is going to be a little bit different it's going to be a little bit sad but here are six reasons why people quit Avakin Life you know here are seven reasons why people quit havoc in life I think we get we got it we did it the first reason people quit African life is because it just gets boring if I didn't do extra things for this game I probably want to really play it and I haven't even been playing it much to be honest because it just gets really boring really fast.

And unfortunately a became life kind of falls in the same category as many apps where you download it you play it for a little while and then you unsolvable quit advocate life it's just because of friendship and drama I think there's a lot of trauma that can happen in this game because it's very social and so people get cyber bullied or there's something that happens for your boyfriend stops playing your girlfriend stops playing.

Why do People Quit Avakin Life?

so this game can get overly dramatic and that's one reason that people end up quitting and saying like screw it the third reason people quit this game and this is one that I can identify with as well is just because of age they believe it or not we all will grow out of a became life our interest as we get older kind of change and unfortunately some people just kind of quit because of just because of maturity so the fourth reason people quit it kind of goes along the same emphasis of age is real life priorities maybe at school or work or just things happening in real life that kind of distracts you from actually playing the game another reason people quit the game is because of scammers are hackers so they have some websites that will ask you for your word or your username and then the website steal that account.

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so getting hacked is like one of the worst ways of having a quitte game the sixth reason people quit Africanized is because the game just gets too expensive people don't want to have to spend money to play a game and advocate life is actually pretty good about this to be honest like the items aren't too expensive at all and the FCA give away free items if you just play like more often this jack is pretty Delta oh this one's not too bad I kind of look like a cow or like a Dalmatian all right and the last and final reason people quit advocate life is just because I haven't you must and you I've been banned from Avakin Life before and I had to contact them to unban my account but I know a number of people who got banned it just really stains that word or B they're trolling like too hard because you know when you troll hard like we troll super hard sometimes getting banned is like the worst way to to quit a game.

Alright but that's it that is advocate life thank you guys all for supporting this channel I have one more video after this that just kind of sums up my entire you know playing with a B look at this 360 generating at 360 photo Oh what the heck dude okay this is this seems kind of cool actually I know it's not part of the video but the ship is that late oh my gosh this is an actual 360 photo well this is really really cool that's gonna be it I have one more video after this and things are kind of coming to an end with a beacon life but I appreciate all your support and everyone who joined me in making these tutorials it's been a lot of fun for sure so thank you guys.

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