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Avakin Life - Ultimate Tapjoy Tutorial when someone sent me a message asking how to get coins and I'm like, what do you do tap chilling and he says okay well that doesn't work for me another reason we're doing this tutorial today and so. I'm like well dude if you can't get to abjure the word just buy him with real money buy the coins with money and he says well there has to be a faster way and I said no there's not and he said well hey can I can I get you to log in as my account or give you my account information so you can log in and you can get them for me. and I said okay well one why would I do that and then - if it doesn't work for you and your account why would it work for me and your account unless you're doing something that's wrong.

so no and so he's like well please please just is one time I mean just beggin his ass off and it's annoying and I'm like no I'm not going to log in as you you can do Tapjoy offers the same way that I can and he's like well man I tried it and it sucks so you please do it for me. so if you try and it sucks why do you want me to do it for you knowing it sucks, so I can do the hard work so you can get free coins man kick rocks so yeah so that's the thing with him so he basically wants me to do my tap joy and his so we can both have coins. hopefully he watches this tutorial hopefully he learned something so maybe it works and then he can leave me the hell alone if not that block button is a beautiful beautiful thing.

dudes anyway when it comes to tab joy you have a few different paths you can take in terms of getting coins first let's get to tap joy so if you look in the top right hand corner you see this button that says free I'm going to tap it. and I've got a several several options here I want this first one tap joy offer wall tap to my offer wall and so as you can see here I have a ton of offers I have a bunch of them now I'll say this right here right now because this is something that I found out more recently how many offers you have depends on where you are. so for example somebody in the Philippines may not have as many offers as I have here in the US but as you can see here in the US I have a ton of them and so all I have to do is pick the ones that I want to do now in general you have three different categories maybe four so you'll have quizzes stay the hell away from those don't do them they design those so that you don't get coins.

Ultimate Tapjoy Tutorial for Avakin Life

you also have surveys you have download and run like this one right here and I'll actually do this one you have download and run options and you have offers like trial offers and things you can sign up for for example you can sign up for stars or for Hulu and by signing up you get coins and so as you can see each of these will have a different number of coins the ones where you download and run and that's it because they're so simple. you only get a couple hundred coins usually like this one you see is 224 because you're not doing anything all you do is download the app you run it and then you go back to advocate life and bam you got coins some of the other ones. like the one underneath this the script D free trial ebooks audiobooks and magazines you probably have to do a survey and maybe sign up for the service you do this and you get fifty six hundred coins but I don't want this to be a fifteen minute long video.

so I'm not going to do a survey just know to stay away from the quizzes all of the people that play that are old enough to have your own money your own credit card the trial offers are great you can sign up for an offer cancel it. and then still get coins but you have to be careful when you read these some of those have in the description if you cancel them they take the coins back some of them have the time limit some of them say hey you can't cancel within 48 hours so before you sign up for anything that requires money if you don't intend on paying the money make sure you read them first to make sure that way you don't get screwed. the surveys I'll get into the surveys in a second because I want to show something with those and so I'm going to take this bingo craze download and run this app.

so if I download it let it run for like thirty seconds I get two hundred twenty four out of coins so let's do that and so here's bingo craze I'm going to hit the install button and I'm going to pause this again no need for you guys to watch the installs. no point in that all done so now I'm just going to open this app up you had a yada-yada come on hurry up I actually didn't even matter it's officially running right now that's what matters in general you let them run for 30 seconds and you get credited for it so this can actually run in the background I'm going to switch back to advocate life dudes and notice if you caught the end of it in the top left my coin count. just increase if I want to verify that right there at the very top dude BAM you've just earned 224 abba coins just that simple and here he is this assclown sent me another text I'll read those later anyway let's see so I'm going to go to gifts now looking at the top here see it says I've earned the 224 ABBA corns the two underneath that I got earlier and so that's what I was going to talk about with the surveys.

and so one of them you can see it says I've earned two thousand five hundred and eight coins what I did was I did a survey and I didn't get the coins and that's why I wanted to talk about this because a lot of people say well dude I did a survey and I did the survey but I never got the coins. well this is why I'm going to show you guys the process so I'm back on the tab joy screen and I'm looking at this tutorial let's just pretend I did this one I actually did the other one earlier like I said I'm not going to take you guys through the whole entering all the information but I did the survey and now oh snap dude I didn't get my coins. so I've got this link in the bottom right hand corner says missing Abba cards most of you have seen that before I tapped that link and it says hey pick an offer tell me which one you did then tell us what happened so I'll click on choose an offer and this gives me a list of all of the ones that I've done of recently be sure especially with the surveys dude.

give it 24 hours it usually takes about that long to show up in this list so if you do a survey right now and you don't get the coins wait until this same time tomorrow after that come here click on the drop down list. and it'll show you a list of the the surveys you've done recently is that one should be in there and so then you'll select that one you don't want to pick the wrong one because then you won't get the coins so you select your offer and then you would say hey did the offer, didn't get coins. and then you'll put in an email address and so I've got advocate zero chill at gmail.com and I don't care if you guys know that one that's why I said it that's not actually the one that I use for offers so then now I've got my email address in I know it's because I love the space but anyway I've got my email address in and so now after I would do this I would hit to the submit button.

tapjoy in avakin life image

when you hit the submit button that sends the request attached to it most of you have done this to most of you have gotten this far the next step is the important part so this is my actual reply to my uh I didn't get coins request. and so type joy basically says dude thanks for contacting us but we need more information what did you do did you just complete an offer did you input information to sign up for a service did you download an app what exactly did you do and so you reply to the message. make sure you apply you tell them everything that you did after you do that they'll verify whether or not what you said is true that's the important part that I think a lot of you might be missing if you do not reply to this email within 24 hours.

do you get zero coins they will blow you off and so this is the reply got a couple hours later it's not always that fast you got to remember tabs always busy sometimes it may take them up to 2 days to reply sometimes even longer dude. but here's the reply and they say hey dude thanks so much we verified it and notice it says you've already been a war in 2508 avoc once the reason why it says I've already been awarded it's because they give you the coins first after they verify. they give you the coin so then they send you the message so they say hey you've already been awarded your 2500 coins so they gave them to me that sent me the message and then as you guys saw when I go back in the a begin life in check.

boom I've got two thousand five hundred eight coins that's all there is to it guys if you do not get the coins from a survey or from a download use that link they'll send you an email reply to the email if you actually did it. if you filled in valid information so don't fill in all stars that actually will get you banned eventually I know a couple of people that have been banned from Tapjoy they can't use it anymore because they've entered invalid information consistently. don't do that so make sure you've entered valid information make sure you've done everything you've needed to do use that help icon - the missing link icon rather reply to them saying exactly.

what you did and if they verify you actually really did it they give you the corns now in the event that they would have said hey we can't verify this we're not going to give you the coins yet. you can reply again you can dispute it and you guys can go back and forth for instances like that in the rare event that that does happen make sure you have proof you can take screenshots of like the last page of the survey. but give them some sort of proof saying hey I really did do this if you can verify to them that you did they have no problem giving you the coins dudes.

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