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Avakin Ultimate Level Up Tutorial experience points and level up Bros level of so now I'm on level 32 and I needed those 400 coins because I am broke as a joke dude I needed that so I could go shopping huh what is DS what it is today is Tuesday so happy Tuesday everybody and as we know Tuesday is tutorial Tuesday I've been getting an influx of questions lately about leveling up and how to level up faster now I did do a tutorial a while back some months are going how to level up faster and it had just a couple of basic tips but since I've still been getting these questions.

I figure I'll do another one so maybe today we'll do an ultimate level up tutorial one of the biggest issues that plagues noobs is leveling up dude because nobody wants to be considered a noob for long and so of course when you're new while you really have you have your noob dances and you don't know what's going on and everybody looks at your shield and they see it says you're at level 2 and so you just want to get to be a high level quickly there's certain things you can do to help you advance one of the most basic things that you can do as a new where everybody has them actually you have what's called progressions and so the way a lot of games have to toriel's they don't necessarily have a tutorial here.

ultimate level up in Avakin Life

however you do have progressions that kind of guides you through things that you can do in the game in order to see your progressions go to your profile notice I have the tab that says progression I tap that tab and then I've got two tabs at the top advocate life and global and these all have a series of progressions or milestones and for achieving each of these you get experience points so make sure you go through and you achieve them all now I have it not have it intentionally because some of these involve Facebook and so the ones that involve Facebook you notice those are grayed out I didn't do those but uh there are plenty of plenty of tasks for you guys to complete and for completing each one of these you get experience so make sure you go through and you complete the progressions second thing is really simple really straightforward and that's just a be social girl um Afghan life is a social game and as such their rewards for being social so when you're at the social spots hanging out or whether you're at the crib chilling with friends the more you talk the more experience you get it so every several messages you send you'll notice that little 10 XP flowed up to your name.

ha so you'll get experienced for actually talking real simple tip but really really effective then next tip is one of my favorites and that is to throw parties some of you may know some of you may not but you get 20 experience points for every person that comes into your house best way to get people to come in have parties so what you do is you take this house you decorate it that your house is completely totally dope because when people walk in and they see a house that looks boring they lead that's why you might notice this house that I'm in now is all neon this was like my original party house people used to love this house dude so pretty much all my parties were here you also ideally want a media player because when people come in the house even if it looks dope if there's no hmm maybe I'll wear that arm when people come in the house even if it looks dope if there is no music they get bored so have parties decorate your house get a media player and right now media players are on sale so make sure you get one why they're on sale um for each person that comes into your house you get twenty experience points so you just invite people over invite people over invite people over and the more notoriety you get the more well-known your party's getting.

people just want to come dude and when that happens you will have a line of people always waiting to get into your parties and so as they rotate in and out each person that comes and goes you're getting twenty experience points bro so throw those parties get that experience point get those experience points because as they come in you're just racking them up the next thing to do is take care of your pets deeds um I've got a tiger in here named bear bear with a bro but he's already been fed and everything today so I'm going to go to another house I don't want a social spot on what my apartments and let's pop into this one and so you can get a quick 5265 experience points just for going in daily and feeding your pets as you'll see in just a second so now I run over to my buddy over here and I'm going to feed Frisco so let's interact and he's kind of sad because I haven't been here in a couple days.

so I'm gonna give him water i'ma feed him and I'm just going to go ahead and hug him to you and boom fifty experience points so by taking care of your pets daily that's an easy 50 if you have multiple pets that does stack so that'll be fifty experience points for each pet that you go feed every day the next tip is to just go take a swim bro so I'm here at Paradise Beach you can also do this at 9:21 acacia and in Paradise Beach or Paradise Island rather I've got this pier and so I'm going to jump off the pier with my clothes on cuz I give 0x brokaw so I'm jumping into the pier clothes and all turning ball and notice the little 15 floated up to the left-hand corner of the screen so for just jumping in the jumping in the ocean bro you get fifteen experience points next tip I decided to come by my pool hall the corner pocket and I picked this one because it's a small space but the next tip just go collect all your gems bro and this is actually a really good one to you especially when you get to the point where you have more than one house because what happens as you'll see when you collect all ten gems.

avakin life level up

you'll get 20 experience points and so I can go to all of my houses and I've got more than 50 so when I go to more than 50 houses and I'm getting someone the experience for me childs that gives me plenty and plenty and plenty of experience each and every day bro there is the last one I wonder where you ride and come here boom Jim's done there goes my twenty and then I can just go down the list and go to each and every house and collect gems now keep in mind that is time-consuming yes if you have multiple houses or if you have big houses because sometimes the Jim's hi do you like they may be in the tightest looking cranny where you can't get to it and you have to edit the apartment to make the Jim move but you do get to any experience for each house that you collect your gems in dudes to raid an apartment so this is a upgraded baby studio but it's not mine so what I've done is I've come to somebody else's apartment and I'm going to rate this joint bro so I'm going to go to the information and I'm going to tap those five stars at the top.

I'm going to tap rate and so now I can select the rating hit the submit button and notice the 15 floated up to the left so I just got 15 experience points for rating this person's house the last tip dudes this last tip is actually the most powerful of them and once you get to level 20 it's probably the one that's going to help you the most and that one is simply to go shop bro so if you go to go to the store for example I'm going to go here real quick and let's see maybe I want to buy some clothes and maybe I'll buy will not buying that but actually you know what let's not because that will change what I'm wearing and I don't want to so let's buy some furniture I don't really need another bid but what the hey sue let's say I want to buy this bed here buy and notice the experience that I get BAM I just got 100 xp for that and notice that was a lot more than the other ones the more you buy and the more expensive things you buy rather the more experience you get so definitely make sure you shop and of course Lockwood does that on purpose it's kind of almost like I paid a level up type thing but she I'm like look never mind but it's like I paid a level up type thing and I don't know where she came from.

but it looks like I'm like smacking her on the ass right now so let me turn around anyway oh yeah do that so the more you buy or as you buy more expensive things you get more experience points and that's going to be the one that helps you the most especially after level 20 because you're going to need a lot of experience points and so the way to get a lot of experience points would be to just buy buy buy and of course that's what they want because that helps them out now what you'll notice like when you saw my intro at the beginning for hitting several certain levels rather you get coins and so you can get those coins for free and then also you have taps away which is free coins if you don't know how to use tap joy be sure to check out my ultimate tap joy tutorial and that'll walk you through everything you need to know about how to give free coins bro even what to do if you don't get the coins but that about does it for today I'm going to keep I'm going to stay here and hang out with the ladies make sure you hit that subscribe button hit that like button go ahead and turn on notifications to make sure that you get notified whenever I upload new content tell your friends to do it tell your friends to tell their friends to do it tell your friends to tell the inference to tell their friends to do it and I'll see you dudes next time

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