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I want to talk to you all today about How to Gain XP in Avakin Life ways to gain experience with in-game now I have no trick for y'all to level up super fast or anything but if you do everything every day then you level up at a pretty decent pace I think I personally don't do all of these things every day. so my process of leveling up it's pretty slow I just hit level 31 today so yeah I know others have already went past that and such but yeah I'm only at level 31 barely but anyways, so I'm just going to go ahead and go over that with y'all so four starts okay so what should I start with um due to shopping okay so shopping if you purchase yourself anything. you know what I don't want to change my outfit so if you purchase yourself anything so I'll just go ahead and I'll buy this pose and I receive fifty experience points now depending on the amount of coins you spend, or the amount of gems you spend your experience will vary.

now this was kind of a it's a smallish pie so it was only 50 experience but if you spend more coins and your experience rates going to go up also if you gift others so I'm just going to go ahead and I'm going to go to a random scene and I'm going to give somebody randomly. now with coins it works that way you can gift them through coins or you can get them through gems so that's a good use for your gems that's a good use you can give to other people if you've already purchased everything with the gems and so just gift other people with your gems you're going to get experience points out of it, so you're spending your gems for a good cause so is there anyone like okay little mama looks like she's a low-level so I'll send a little mama something in here so and I don't know if I should do it through gems. I think I should do it through gems sure I can so I can show you guys there's more furniture items and gems so I'll just I guess I'll just do this morning's up top, so the little pianist tool gift.

How to Gain XP in Avakin Life

it's too little mama no and ten experience points so yeah super small purchase but I got ten experience points so you know that's pretty cool so there's that and next thing next thing let us go to one of my apartments so we will go here I think I should have picked something with one room whoops. oh well that's okay it's he'll be okay yep yep yeah okay so the first thing with all your apartments depending on how many you have you know the more you have the better when it comes to collecting gems because How to Gain XP in Avakin Life every time you go to your homes which is once a day and you collect all ten gems per home you will receive twenty experience points so that's pretty exciting. so the more homes you have the more experience you get got a fun mo hmm I guess one of them is outside oh yeah and did you just see the fifteen experience points that popped up in the corner so you also randomly receive experience just from playing the game so randomly you're going to be receiving fifteen experience points. and I do not know the time frame that they show up but they do it's random okay one more time and what are you I swear you were out here.

oh man let me go all the way around oh man my car in the way you know I get over there before but you doing go all the way around buddy buddy. done, you're done you're done all right there we go and 20 experience points all right now let's go over there to the petkin so your next thing that you can do to earn experience points is feed your pets now you can only do this twice a day How to Gain XP in Avakin Life,if you're wanting to earn experience points so once here still all three back up and fifty so you get fifty experience points per petkin. and you can only do two petkins a day so if you do this once a day then you're going to be getting 100 experience points a day so that's pretty cool and I'm not going to go ahead and go to another apartment of mine and do that because you'll get it you don't know what I'm saying. but the next thing you can do is rate people's apartments, so let's just go to a random random join I don't remember how many you can read today I think it's five but I don't know for sure just keep trying until it doesn't give you experience points anymore.

increase xp in avakin life image

well, they're using those rugs those are cute rugs okay so hit the little star button off to the side rate it and there you go. fifteen experience points per apartment and like I said I believe it's I believe it's five apartments that you can do a day so there's that and then another thing we'll just go to my apartment and do this one a case you drive. if you dive you get How to Gain XP in Avakin Life I think it's fifteen experience points so there's another way for you so just come out here, and do a dive we and fifteen and that's only one today so yeah I think I've pretty much covered everything as far as gaining experience goes I don't think I'm missing anything I believe. when you build items that you also gain experience points like after it's completed and you know just hanging out an advocate life you get experience points to a like a poor Rudolph, you know since I came here let's do that second one one two three boom fifty.

yep so shopping and purchasing gifts for others and taking care of your pets and collecting gems from all your apartment. and diving and raiding people's apartments it all gains you experience points so if y'all are really looking to level up just be sure to do How to Gain XP in Avakin Life all these steps every single day and you will slowly speed up and if you're low on coins use Tapjoy. Tapjoy is wonderful if you all don't have any very many offers, I'm sorry it varies by location but if you are able to do Tapjoy use it so you can purchase things or buy other people things and also use your mystery boxes your little freebies that pop up because you get little coins here and there and gems here and there. so if anything you can use the gems to buy other people things so that'll give you some experience too but thanks for reading everyone I hope this was helpful.

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