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Problems in Avakin Life

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Sometimes avakin life can be glitchy and that's what this tutorial is going to be about the top glitches on on on on on on on Abuk in life we're going to make this tutorial super fast the first glitch is whenever you're like on a bed or you're sitting down you can actually have poses you can't see these poses yourself, while other people will be able to see them so the way this little works is click on a bed so I'll click on this bed here and whenever I get to it I want to click the camera oops I did it a little bit too soon there so you kinda have to be pretty precise but here let me click the bed again and then I'll click the camera.

I did it too fast again I will show that one more time click the bed and then camera and then we'll click any dance move we can't see it but as you can see on my other account here I'm look I am dancing on top of the bed which is really cool so this is one way I do some of my videos and whatnot and you can do a lot of different like poses so like a good pose to do on the bed is like, you used like this and then now that I'm on my sky Google account I can go ahead and let you do and you can do this like on any seating area or anything and that's it okay for glitch number two, this is the color glitch it's super popular a lot of girls know it I'll tell you how to do it very quickly.

problems in Avakin Life

some t-shirts you can't change the color of and there's a way around that so what you want to do is click customize the torso and we're just going to do the t-shirt I'm wearing currently right now the t-shirt I'm wearing is actually blue this is how it's supposed to look so you want to go ahead and like put it put the t-shirt on that you want to change the color of and then you have to click choose a dress a dress that you can change the color of that dress and it has to be addressed so we'll go ahead and choose this dress and we'll change the color to like I don't know I'm colorblind okay all of these colors look black and white to me now I'm kidding.

I can see I can see some colors but not all but we'll choose this one that'll be like red or whatever will quit clothing and then we'll click legs and we'll just put on any leg item it doesn't matter so we'll just put these on now you see our t-shirt had changed to the color red and then we can save it click yes and that's the color glitch kind of cool, okay this last glitch isn't necessarily like really a glitch I guess it is I don't know if avakin life will fix this but you can sit where other people are sitting if you just click on them she's sitting on me she's inside me dude that just looks so weird what is going on I don't know if this is a glitch or applicant life intentionally wanted this to be in the game, it's just weird. Alright so that's the video that's it super bonus glitch time super bonus round yeah there you go I like that this isn't like necessarily a glitch but it's kind of cool and you'll see a lot of players have our username is very unique and the way to do that you want to be in the cool kids club. I look so amazing.

glitches in Avakin Life

so you can you can use different symbols here in the username and which is simple that I can use wait a sec so if you go to like Google if you're on your phone you have like symbols that you can use so like you can literally change your user name to something like this I'm not changing my user name to that but wait, let's see what else I could use it to or you can change it to something like this I think any of the like ASCII symbols work I have a website for this game and you guys can just go to the website and see like all the symbols that you can use for the game but you're welcome, and I'm amazing I know we're done we're done with the video thank you guys all for watching and about being part of scratch by networks speed speed beats that's a great user name.

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