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If you're anything like me then you know what it's like to be extremely bored I mean the whole reason I even started playing avakin life cheats for coins was because there was absolutely nothing else to do, but even when I'm on avakin life I still feel bored so in this tutorial I like to share with all of you 10 things you can do an avakin life if you're bored talk to you by our gem coach comm number one four out for attention by bugging the living crap out of people see avakin life is all about socializing the only problem with the game is half the time there's no one to socialize with, and even when you find people to chat with you don't speak your language.

so try this out for size when you're especially bored spam the chat with things like I'm gay or things like avakin life money cheats hey pay attention to me pay attention to me pay attention to me yeah sure it's annoying but what better way to cure your boredom that annoying absolutely everyone you come in contact with this is the whole reason why some people send mass messages to everyone with sent to all my online boyfriend cheated on quite actually think is a girl real life and I'm really sad please chat with me number two make outfits.

sure for anyone who plays avakin life I know we've all made a ridiculous number of outfits for me obviously I like to dress up as a panda because I like to imagine if a panda were a human what would that avakin life cheats for android panda wear I'm answering the hard questions on my youtube channel and that's what it's all about, but you don't have to be like me there are outfits and avakin life for almost every occasion why not piece together these outfits, and save them for later you know you never know when that surgeon outfit will come in handy number three role play did I mention that I'm a surgeon now obviously look at my outfit I'm a doctor and we need to operate you see you suffer from something called EBD short for extreme boredom disorder.

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it's a serious illness plaguing many of today's youth and the whole reason you're watching this tutorial is to rid yourself of this disease and thankfully for you you've come to the right place because as you can see I'm a doctor and an avakin life it's fun to roleplay come on avakin life money cheats no survey is pretty much a virtual Barbie anyway the whole point of the game is to pretend number four join the avakin life amino group so there's this nifty little community app called amino it's for like all things fandom so if you're a fan of something say like stranger things you can make a community for it so anyway if you check the links in the description below you can join the avakin life to me know the apps pretty cool I mean for one I'm on there so there's that and you also get to meet new friends share a beacon life pictures blog it's like if avakin life had a Facebook app this is what it would be except don't expect too much some of the mods are pretty strict with what you can and cannot post.

they don't even accept avakin life fan art and I mean even one mod threatened to ban me so use with your own discretion number five decorate your apartment you probably have imagined the perfect dream house let's place the couch here no wait no here and we can place our pet can by the swimming pool avakin life cheats for kindle. speaking of which I want this atom to be here as well and after a few hours and low battery life voila you've created the perfect home and with those skills you should become an interior decorator now show off your home to all your friends you can even give them a house tour make a school make a night club it will help with all the role-playing number six troll random people so like a week ago I uploaded a video titled the ten best ways to troll people on avakin life you see I'm an epic troll and it's something I like to do when I'm bored on see everyone's controlled at least once in their life and I'm not a hundred percent recommending this but for those of you who are so bored that you're thinking about quitting well why not challenge yourself to troll people to the point of getting banned.

I know it's not the best idea but there are plenty of bad ideas out there that are way worse than this and if a began life really cared about entertaining you and didn't want you to leave they forced you to stay like an abusive relationship and you'd have to take out a restraining order because avakin life cheats for coins is absolutely insane threatening to hurt you and themselves in a devastated sequence of events that you couldn't even begin to imagine just a thought well hey oops sorry I was getting a little carried away let's just move on to the next one number seven do Instagram edits I don't know if you know this but there's an entire avakin life Instagram community it's a bunch of people who gather around and post updates about their virtual life and some of the pictures these people post are really cool you can become an avakin life Instagram model check out my video in a few days where I post a ton best avakin life Instagram pages number eight make a best friend who doesn't want an avakin life money cheats online pen pal like someone you can talk to about problems and confide secrets to where there's trust like an actual best friend but distant sure you have to be very careful in who you choose to be your best friend but once you find them you'll create a bond so strong that not even faulty internet connections can tear you apart.

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just look at all those trending YouTube videos titled I met my online best friend for the first time it could be the start to something great number 9 make an avakin life video now I know some of you who watch my videos make videos of your own and there are many of you who want to make videos and making videos is fun and it's pretty easy to do you don't have to over edit your videos like me you can just zoom in on the action of you and your friends dancing put some music in the avakin life cheats for android background and upload it to youtube there are plenty of channels with low-quality editing we get thousands of views and support there was time to make a beacon life videos and now would be that time and then a number 10 get avakin life cheats for kindle official to block you on Twitter yes this is a true story avakin life official blocked me on Twitter I'll tell you about that story some other time okay so hopefully this tutorial entertained you and it wasn't too boring.

I guess that's the biggest problem with avakin life the game is boring and I'll be a hundred percent honest here while making this tutorial I had a hard time coming up with 10 things to even do in the game if you have suggestions on things you do when you're bored.

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