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In today's tutorial we'll be telling you the top life hacks in avakin life. a life hack is anything that can make your life easier, on a day to day basis so let's do it life hack always open up the mystery boxes it's only 100 Abba coins you can get a ton of gems and diamonds from it. well there you go so we got 100 gems there diamond you can only get gems and diamonds one of three ways sign it every day go to your apartment the second way is you actually buy Apple coin and then the third way is actually buying it if you lock so oh and then we got this is a really good way to get a gesture guys in this game.

so every so often a per coin run promotions and you can get two times the amount of coins and this is just like a best way of buying or the getting coins and you don't necessarily even have to buy them so we're going to go to the offer wall I got a bunch of a becomes now eighty thousand nine hundred ninety nine if you see this tutorial send me a friend request on applicant life and you know maybe last time you get here's another amazing why pack I don't know how often app can like run sales and their games and just buy the best time to buy items as you can see here it's sixty five percent off like what it's so cheap it's amazing so you can save let's kind of coin fly items during sale especially if you're like super cheap like me.

I buy things just cuz they're on sale that's not cuz I need them just because I'm like dude it was on sale like I couldn't help myself okay now I have like a bunch of shoes in my closet hashtag relatable hashtag Lunchables test we'll stop there this is another really good life hack whenever you do dances you have to like kind of click around and then try to find like the right dances well there's actually shortcuts for them going to chat if you actually just put a forward slash and then put something like lol you'll see now my avatar is doing that okay so they have to have a bunch of them so if I just look forward slash stand out start dancing and that actually does a random dance move to exclude forage class dance.

tips in Avakin Life

It's always random as you can see and we'll do it one more time so I have a website called avakin life sky comm you guys can go there and see some of the cool shortcuts you can use so you don't always have to like go around and click so a lot of people had asked me Tommy how do you play on the PC because because that's totally what they sound like um thanks to Lockwood Jessi and she had an amazing channel and I think she does really good work for the community in avakin life very quickly before I was using Knox app player and that's an alternative use Facebook game room and actually currently that's what I use and I find that Facebook game room is fast you can put a lot of other app games it seems pretty professional Knox app player because Google is expected in go to the website click download install it then BAM trippy ham look what I am Kabam can we do like comic comic book like BAM.

oh I love it when comic books do that just going right along here this is a cool life hack as well and one of my friends and I think Kelly mentioned this to me so big shout out to Kelly for telling me this but you could actually whisper chat people just by clicking on their name so if I just click this person and then I send them a message like Hello that only goes to them and it doesn't go to anyone else so that's a really cool way if you just want to whisper chat someone just going to chat click the name I send them a message and that's it so I made an entire video on this as well but for the sake of this tutorial the build machine DPL machine team building machine so the build machine is something that you always want to do the build machines allows you to get three items in the game and anything.

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The only catch is it takes date oh my days but it's definitely worth it so I would do it how are you if I was you I'd want to be me - that's actually a song if I was you I'd warn helping me I wanna be me - wanna buy me an important thing to do also is whenever you log in you want to go to your apartment so we're gonna go to my apartment this life hack is so important like are the most important things that you will ever experience so as you see whenever I log in there's a bunch of gems and you can get up to ten free gems every day just by logging in and go into your apartment so I'm gonna collect these okay I kind of picked the wrong apartment to go to leave it up to me to pick the wrong thing the most wrong thing possible it's better just pick really small apartments I don't really have an outdoor area this way you can get the gems all in one spot very quickly takes a few seconds just like she said.

so say you like someone's outfit right you can actually click this little icon here and you can see exactly exactly what a very quick life hack is you can change the size of your head and features so go ahead and do that I think it looks better if you have like if you're working like a head item I like having my head a little bigger especially it's a panda alright that's the end of this tutorial. thank you all for watching I upload a new avakin life video every frequently.

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