How to get free Avacoins without Tapjoy in
Avakin Life

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In this tutorial for how to get free Avacoins without Tapjoy in Avakin Life, I will talk about a method of getting free F coins since many of you have said that Tapjoy does not work for you. I will talk about an app other than Tapjoy with which I buy free F coins this app is called Google opinion rewards it's a survey mobile app developed by Google for Android and iOS here you can earn Google Play credits for Android and PayPal cash for iOS by answering very short surveys. The surveys are very very easy and can be answered by anyone who are over 18 years old.

How to get free Avacoins without Tapjoy in Avakin Life

I know some of my viewers are below 18 so you can ask for help from any elder member in your family now let's see how to earn credits with this app after installing you have to register with your email and then you will get notified each time a survey is available. I did a recording while I got a survey this survey gave me about 9 rupees in my country's currency after that I did some more surveys which I did not record as you can see, now I have 227 dollars let's spend this to buy half coins.

I have 56,000 582 F coins right now let's check out what's the best offer How to get free Avacoins without Tapjoy in Avakin Life for buying avakin life coins, I am gonna buy the assortment special offer it's showing my Google Play balance which I can spend to buy half coins it will ask for your registered Gmail password to confirm our purchase is complete as you can see I have 65,000 582 F coins right now buying coins will also remove ads from the game using this app. you can buy paid apps or stuffs in any mobile game free currently this app is available to limited number of countries but hopefully this will be available in more countries in future.

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Although many of you have complaints against Tapjoy I still think Tapjoy is the best way to get app coins for avakin life free I generally do Tapjoy offers when there is How to get free Avacoins without Tapjoy in Avakin Life double tap joy offer. so if you want to tap joy tutorial you can comment down below I may upload a tap joy tutorial when there is a double tap joy offer next that's all about today's video have a great day and thanks for watching see you in my next tutorial.

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