Annoying Things about
Avakin Life

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What sucks about Avakin Life

Real problems.

we're going to be talking about some of the most annoying things in Avakin Life this daily is super annoying really annoying more annoying than the chipmunk voice that's like this tutorial is super relatable for anyone who plays this game is so annoying this is super annoying if you're playing on tablet or PC and you really trying to click around.

annoying things in Avakin Life?

y'all want to talk to this person you type and then and then after you type like a long sentence epic unless like oh I see you're trying to type something well too bad thanks advocate life hate it when it does that another thing that sucks is when you're doing offers and you're like okay I'll watch an off a video and you click video offer loading loading oh my gosh a few moments later Oh two thousand years later okay guys this is a cool video okay.

what do you guys think about this oh wow we're flying well look at that I'm totally gonna download this game not so we just watched a video did I get any Avalanche oh I got seventeen avek lines we rich what's really annoying is you do a survey or you do something any don't grant you your Apple coins oh my god is our own no but seriously it's something that happened and you know it happened to me like several times so I emailed them no joke.

things i hate about avakin life image

I don't think leafyishere knows what literal who cares who is that any more relevant what am I talking about am i relevant either way it took legit I think like two months for them just to email me back to get alva coins so that was super annoying oh oh you want to know what you want to know what's really annoying - okay this is not I hate it when advocate Mike does this so let's just buy some items it doesn't really matter that's why this because look over to loominatee oh my god I'm gonna buy stuff but watch oh cool pop-up would you let your friends know about this purchase no I could no every single time advocate life like I'm never gonna let my friend know when I when I person I'm never going to share it we're just going to buy a few things the cost of this final is 69.

This thing pops up every like I don't know like 30 second and oh man oh gosh advocate this tutorial ah I mean alright oh okay I'm now I'm loading but that's it that's it I hate it when clicking around to clicking around in this game jog but yeah do I look African with this shirt on it's me I'm from Africa thank you all for being part subscribe hi network hope you enjoyed this tutorial upload a new African life video every Thursday so it's always a great help when you guys like comment subscribe that actually means more than anything in the world even oxygen if you don't like comment subscribe I'm going to die keep down eat hi live oh we we are almost about done with two series thank you God it's so much fun making it and so I think you guys would definitely enjoy the next several videos I have out there really

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