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Avakin Life Apk Mods Download is now available on AVAKINLIFEWORLD so go ahead and download the coc hack app from any of the options available above. Make your dreams come true with Avakin Life Hack Apk just do it. Free to Download. Unlock all resources and coins with a hacked copy of avakin life. everyone welcome to describe my network and my name is mobile-gamer thank you for clicking and watching this tutorial it really does mean a lot to me it does and it means so much I'm looking at you through your webcam yeah I can see that you are what are you doing right now, do you have socks on are you wearing socks I'm not wearing any socks I should probably do webcam videos but I'd be naked because I'm well this is way too much information has nothing to do with the actual video.

I just wanted to say thank you for watching my avakin life mod apk we're gonna talk about things avakin life needs let's get into it first and foremost I would like to say avakin life is an amazing game the developers worked very hard on it however I still think it's in its early phases there's a ton of things that they can still add there's always a room for improvement right right into the applicant, life needs to add a thing of course a house is one it said one for the last I don't know how long and there isn't like an unread button here so like I can go through these but all of these are read just a suggestion.

I wish they had an unread feature and I go through all these and I just can't figure out what that number one is like what am I missing here okay the second thing avakin life should add I like to shop in the avakin life unlimited coins apk game I think the game is revolved around shopping it would only make sense if they had sorting features here from like least expensive and most expensive you know gem only items like right now you can only sort items by male and female and they don't and that's it.

so it would be cool if they had more sorting options going along this same trend here number three some items and avakin life are limited and sometimes they have it in the store and I'll just say like limited and that's it have like just a little tiny ribbon and no one can see like you'd have to squint your avakin life unlimited money apk eyes and Yannick was what is that you start talking quietly to yourself like and, like I can't see what that says but then once that items gone you don't know which one of them were limited like so for example these Halloween items are limited and you can't even buy avakin life hack apk them in the store anymore but no one would ever know that so I think they need to label some of their items a lot better make in which this is a much better suggestion number for developers.

avakin life hack apk

if you watch this tutorial please listen saving outfits would be a godsend sometimes I put on item and I'm like okay I would like to change oh this outfit looks swag swag swag looking fleek you know I'm feeling good about myself like if I go on here all the avakin girlies would be like oh my god damn it Bonnie Poole I love avakin life apk download you all I'm saying is it would be amazing awesome oh my god Avakin life just add adds a feature like Elsa's saved I think it's cool that we can click on seats and sit down but I think the game could be a little bit more interactive and if anyone's played a game called IMVU which is a really dirty game and I got raped on that game like anyway I'm off subject it would be cool if they kind of implemented a similar feature where you sit down and then someone else can click on like a seating node the two avatars will interact with each other so they could like sit on each other's laps you can kiss each other you'd have babies although Gary out of the bays here cool as it right now.

Abuk in life could be better monetizing their game and capitalizing you know we didn't hit make this game for the sake of art that we actually care if people could socialize no luck would made this game for money baby we're trying to get rich I'm just saying with a CEO the CTO and all those avakin life 3d virtual world mod apk all about the money okay it's all about the Benjamins the year wrote whatever currency that people are working in today what they need to do is a lot of games need to have a good business model or a good gaming model where they can continually make more and more money hire more people give people opportunities right opportunity is great and I doing this with avakin life is making a month to munch subscription so for those of us who do care about the game we can be like cab ik in life I really love your game you guys are doing an amazing job look at me I'm a panda.

I want you to have my $10 a month okay put that towards something useful again maybe more pandas maybe more panda items I want to become an actual Kanda in your game okay that's my aspirin anyway I think the VIP most a membership would be cool and it would provide incentives for example exclusive items maybe certain locations that would be awesome okay going along the same avakin life hack apk line here this one will be hard for avakin life to implement the developers you guys are good but you guys aren't that ambitious not to do this next idea the idea is user-generated content okay I think user-generated content would create a user economy I'm not going to get too technical or specifics but other games have implemented a similar model it's helped a games row immensely well that's suggestion I sounded really articulate let's not do that anymore.

I think my biggest beef with a beacon life is the game's boring if I didn't make videos and websites by the way go check out my website for this game Abuk in life guide calm it's quite amazing but back onto the subject of the game the game is boring and it even though it's a dress-up game it's a socializing game avakin life hack apk it gets boring very quickly because there isn't anything to do some things that can help a game like a became licensed it's a social game is I think just more things to do like having fashion shows would be cool like maybe quiz games more ways for us to socialize will help this game I always got to throw in something funny and so right now with our avatars we can do some cool things with it but I noticed some girls on the skin they'd like to have some big booties okay we should have an item where you can just scale your booty size so you can have a big foot but maybe something boob because that that's what people.

I guarantee you if advocate live added a big booty item everyone about everyone but people would buy it you be some people about some people another option is a mature chat filter because right now when people chat if you type in battle words it censors it so African love should provide a future if you go to settings and it should just say, like mature chat filter really nothing censored avakin life mod apk that would be cool maybe verification somehow through that where we can make that possible close to finishing very quickly avakin life should have like an Instagram almost, so like right now I can take pictures as you can see this is how it looks oh maybe we can have like an album I know some other games they have albums so if I take a picture it saves to that avakin life unlimited coins apk album and then people can comment on those pictures that would be kind of cool if we have like an Instagram feed this kind of actually aligns with more to do the game because then avakin life could actually have like a feature where I can look at other people's albums.

avakin life unlimited coins apk

maybe like them I think the game socially could be driven like in a very like features way and last but not least the thing advocate live should add is a wishlist feature so whenever I'm going shopping I can click an item and just say like add to my wishlist this way like I can remember all the items I want and people can buy them for avakin life unlimited money apk me I can I can beg people check my wishlist body things before before don't you know alright that's it those are the things that I think avakin life should should add if you guys think avakin life should add things leave your comments down below I'm very interested in hearing from you guys also to the developers avakin life apk download who had made this game if you watch this tutorial you guys are do an amazing job keep up the good work running a game is not easy and so out of all the things.

you could have possibly done I'm looking forward to the VR features in avakin life because avakin life's technology isn't just about mobile app game I think they're going to do something really big avakin life 3d virtual world mod apk in virtual reality thank you guys all for watching I'm about finished with this series only one more video left and I am done with avakin life watch my entire avakin life playlist it's pretty good it's not too bad other than that this is that's it remember to Like comment and subscribe always a huge help whenever you do that mobile-gamer is appreciative of you very much and he's gone insane making these tutorials. how I am in bed who is where was at least 10 seconds this tutorial just gets more ridiculous my video.

I'm not going insane uploading videos every day that's just a side note here's a little cool life hacks or at the bottom left you have a little camera cameras are great just for taking pictures and moving up moving a cane around I use them for videos so the camera features actually awesome biscuit yeah so if you make avakin life money videos like me use the camera great life hack so if avakin life is running slow for you guys and I mean like hurdle slow like oh my god what if I did the entire video like that no one watch it so back on subject its avakin life is running slow and lagging for you this is what you should do at the top right click the little gear icon you'll see all these things on click new news feed off show seeding note off in absolute basis on enhanced graphics off pretty video leaving up on though seasonal theme off and over continue also on the left side click audio and then just turn all of this off as well push notification.

so turn everything off this is going to save you a ton of data and it's going to makes game load faster now you're not a turtle anymore you can be a rabbit a hare someone's in my condo I mean someone's in my house let's say hi so you have a girlfriend she says it's so funny because it's like perfect timing ugly girl get out of the way god no gross now they're glitching out what is going on Avakin life cheats okay get out of the way I'm trying to look at this guy ah she still to you you all right.