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avakin life

Very Exciting Game

This game is really amazing just like similar titles in this genre of games such as second life, and the sims. These types of games provide a fantasy world full of adventure that people can explore. By using a avakin life coin hack you can easily obtain interesting items that will make the game even more enjoyable. The use of Avakin life cheats is always known to improve the overall gameplay.

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Avakin life avacoins tutorial

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Avakin life is a social game

In this section I wanted to try a social experiment in a leaky life the Socialists the social experiment is basically from two different perspectives so one perspective is of a four new person a person who's just coming to the game straightway he's just registered so that's one perspective the over perspective is of a person like me.

well in this case it's going to be me a famous person an advocate life person who's a high level person who's got a lot of money and a lot of clothes so I'm gonna play for both these perspectives and I'm basically gonna go to club sundown and I'm gonna go around asking for three hooks so I'm gonna do that from the poor person side and from the rich person side and I'm gonna see how the players react to it see who gets the most attention and just to see what the outcome will be like.

so let me just show you how all about went down all right so most of you have probably seen the video hopefully you saw it all you saw it from the poor person side and with each person side now if you'd have watched a video you'll see what the rich person the person who was me I'm 2k TV I got more attention than a person who is a new now this video was basically about bringing awareness to like the fingers at one point in our advocating lifetimes like when we started a because real all news we were all low-level and I remember when I first started advocate like I was pretty new.

I didn't have the best clothes I did um plus one of the worst things about it is back then when I joined African life there was no Tapjoy so to get other coins you literally had to buy them because you couldn't earn them in any other way until Tapjoy was made so even I was a noob once and I remember I had I didn't really fit along with everybody in the game I didn't really I didn't know what to talk to but obviously I built myself up from it and this is just an awareness to if you are a low level if you haven't got much and you know you've not got much clothing then remember you can always like try and build yourself up and I want to say to like all the people who are like of high level always.

I know noobs don't really bring a very it doesn't really bring a very good name because most noobs are known for begging most noobs are known for annoying but there's some noobs not all new but that's just a small man out not minority duda the majority of new players they just want to become a high level but I want to fit into the game they want the best close to you and they also found plenty as well I've met love new players who I've if did myself because I think they deserve it so yeah and this video was up bashing new players it's not bringing them into a bad light it's basically just saying but you cannot you can be friends with noobs and you can also be friends with rich people.

But as you can see believed in and get much attention whereas the rich person you got a lot of attention so that's the thing is if people thing is like just be friends with everybody ferm this game is for everybody for everyone your world your choices so yeah I just wanted to show this social experiment just to show you guys the different perspectives and where you can fit in and where you can help out as well hope you enjoyed this video make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and hope to see you in the next video but until then I'm gonna leave you guys with a wave goodbye and hope to see you in the next video goodbye

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Sometimes avakin life hack tool can be glitchy and that's what this video is going to be about the top glitches on on on on on on on Abuk in life we're going to make this video super fast the first glitch is whenever you're like on a bed or you're sitting down you can actually have poses you can't see these poses yourself, while other people will be able to see them so the way this little works is click on a bed so I'll click on this bed here and whenever I get to it I want to click the camera oops I did it a little bit too soon there so you kinda have to be pretty precise but here let me click the bed again and then I'll click the camera.

I did it too fast again I will show that one more time click the bed and then camera and then we'll click any dance move we can't see it but as you can see on my other account here with avakin life coin hack I'm look I am dancing on top of the bed which is really cool so this is one way I do some of my videos and whatnot and you can do a lot of different like poses so like a good pose to do on the bed is like, you used like this and then now that I'm on my sky Google account I can go ahead and let you do and you can do this like on any seating area or anything and that's it okay for glitch number two, this is the color glitch it's super popular a lot of girls know it I'll tell you how to do it very quickly.

some t-shirts you can't change the color of and there's a way around avakin life hack no human verification that so what you want to do is click customize the torso and we're just going to do the t-shirt I'm wearing currently right now the t-shirt I'm wearing is actually blue this is how it's supposed to look so you want to go ahead and like put it put the t-shirt on that you want to change the color of and then you have to click choose a dress a dress that you can change the color of that dress and it has to be addressed so we'll go ahead and choose this dress and we'll change the color to like I don't know I'm avakin life hack tool no survey colorblind okay all of these colors look black and white to me now I'm kidding.

I can see I can see some avakin life hack generator tool colors but not all but we'll choose this one that'll be like red or whatever will quit clothing and then we'll click legs and we'll just put on any leg item it doesn't matter so we'll just put these on now you see our t-shirt had changed to the color red and then we can save it click yes and that's the color glitch kind of cool, okay this last glitch isn't necessarily like really a glitch I guess it is I don't know if avvakum life will fix this but you can sit where other people are sitting if you just click on them she's sitting on me she's inside me dude that just looks so weird what is going on I don't know if this is a glitch or applicant life intentionally wanted this to be in the game avakin life hack iphone, it's just weird. Alright so that's the video that's it super bonus glitch time super bonus round yeah there you go I like that this isn't like necessarily a glitch but it's kind of cool and you'll see a lot of players have our username is very unique and the way to do that you want to be in the cool kids club. I look so amazing.

so you can you can use different symbols here in the avakin life money hack username and which is simple that I can use wait a sec so if you go to like Google if you're on your phone you have like symbols that you can use so like you can literally change your user name to something like this I'm not changing my user name to that but wait, let's see what else I could use it to or you can change it to something like this I think any of the like ASCII symbols work I have a website for this game and you guys can just go to the website and see like all the symbols that you can use for the game but you're welcome, and I'm amazing I know we're done we're done with the video thank you guys all for watching and about being part of scratch by networks speed speed beats that's a great user name.

Free Stuff on Avakin Life

Giveaways in the game.

Lots of Unlockables to Explore

The game provides you the opportunity to have a different personality so you can be anything and interract with many other people from all over the world and this is 3d virtual world is very cool because it tries to simulate reality as much as possible except its kind of like a virtual paradise where people can unwind or even start a business and work with game currency available in google android and ios iphones.

There are lots of things to do in the avakin 3d virtual world and you would never get bored or run out of interesting activities to participate in. For example you could choose and create your avatar with any design you like. You can meet with people and chat with them, create your own home and design the interior. And when you use the avakim generator tool no survey you can even unlock much more.

Just like the real world, almost everything cost money, but this is not a problem for people who will be using an avakin money hack apk to get access to everything. This is usually the best thing for people who don't really have a lot of time to spare and really want to progress and explore the game in detail.

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There is just so much to do in this virtual reality world because it can really be a great second life and all you have to do is just log in and participate to keep the game going strong. The only thing that keeps the game down is because of the money issue with restricts people from fully exploring the game, but the good news is that we can use avakin life cheats to improve the overall playability of the game.

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